Access to Work pay for private hearing aids in 2018?

With everything that one hears in the press, I was pretty sure that ATW funding for hearing aids had been restricted. However, Terry got an approval. Here’s what happened: Terry first contacted the Department of Work and Pensions directly (online) about ACCESS TO WORK GRANT. That’s to help […]

Another great phone to use with PHONAK AUDEO B-Direct

The Sony Xperia XA1 can be found on the internet for under £150. It will work great with our new hearing aid and it has a 23 megapixel camera for those of you looking for that type of thing!

Deaf Awareness and Sign Language Training Day

As a forward-thinking company, our latest training day was devoted to discussing how to communicate better with each other, especially if someone is profoundly or totally deaf. And to brush up on our somewhat basic sign language skills. The day was hosted by Rachael, a quite extraordinarily charismatic […]

A CIC hearing aid fitted with a CANAL LOCK

Sometimes jaw movement forces a CIC hearing aid out of the ear canal. The fitting of a custom canal lock can easily fix this issue. Here is how it looks (the clear extension sitting in the bowl of the ear);

Colin demonstrates the Roger Pen in action

Colin is wearing Resound Enzo 2 hearing aids with Starkey silicone ear moulds. With a very profound mixed hearing loss, he was still having difficulties in background noise and if not looking at the other person. He was given a further demonstration and prolonged free trial of the […]

One of our patients wears his hearing aids playing in a percussion band!

With the volume turned right down and set up so to compress loud sounds.

Iain connects iPhone and Hearing Aids

“I’ve been wearing in the ear type hearing aids for several years but have just decided to switch to behind the ear. I really wasn’t sure if it would be the right decision; my main concern was how they look, with my short (balding) hair there’s no hiding […]

Unsuccessful trial of Phonak V90

“Hi Rob,” I said on entering his office, “you just lost yourself another sale!” and handed back the expensive hearing aids he had loaned me for testing. He did not seem bothered. Nor has he in previous, similar conversations. Rob Donnan had adjusted my existing aids (giving me […]