New mic guards for Phonak Virto V hearing aids

Just discovered this new product – it appears that the microphone guard falling off (an ongoing source of problems for hearing aid users across the world!) need not be a problem any more.  Not only is this product not just stuck on with the tiniest amount of super-glue, and […]

‘Biggest’ Free Trial of Hearing Aids we’ve ever conducted? in Morley, Leeds

After 22 years, I still cannot be certain that I’m choosing you the very best hearing aid first time, every time. A patient with a particularly challenging hearing loss and hearing needs has been able to try, free of any fee or commitment, the following state-of-the-art hearing aids: […]

Adjusting your TV to work better with your new hearing aids (West Yorkshire)

Most new hearing aid users are given no instruction on how they should adapt their home television, and yet a few little tweaks can make an incredible difference. The first thing to do is buy yourself a new HD television of at least 37″. These are relatively low cost and […]

New sculpted hollowed-out silicone moulds for severe and profound hearing loss

We trimmed the ear mould tubing a little more to make it fit better round the top of the ear, but the over-all result is superb. Users are reporting that this new ear mould is so comfortable that one can (almost) not notice its presence!  Feedback / whistling […]