MOST POPULAR QUESTIONS about hearing aids on The Isle of Man

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

  • Lack of consumer choice on the Island
  • High refund rates of High Street chains
  • The variability of hearing outcomes
  • Difficulty in assessing improvements
  • Labour intensive (high number of fine tuning appointments are often required)

What’s the Best Hearing Aid?

  • The one that YOU like the best
  • You can only discover this through a trial process
  • Oticon Opn 1 is the most technologically advanced hearing aid
  • However, some of our best reviews are from people that have not spent a lot of money (purchased budget hearing aids)

Where’s the best place to go?

  • We are biased – & believe Independents offer the best overall experience
  • Which? magazine agrees: in their last 3 surveys of end-users’ findings
  • Boots score well in second place, as the best large retailer
  • The Independent you visit should be well established, with good evidence of service (reviews)
  • It is advisable to deal with someone quite local to you
  • Island Hearing might be your best choice?

What do they cost?

  • Thanks to the internet, there is now a fairly clear understanding about what these cost
  • The most expensive products cost about £3000 per pair. If you seek out the better suppliers, you might have to pay £4000
  • Two-thirds of what you pay is for the after care (not the hearing aids)
  • Continuity of service is very important (so many dissatisfied users comment that the person they saw was different every time)

What makes a great hearing aid?

Primarily, it will be your willingness and diligence. A trial before you pay anything always helps. Pay some attention to world sales figures. Oticon and Phonak are doing the best.