Unsuccessful trial of Phonak V90

“Hi Rob,” I said on entering his office, “you just lost yourself another sale!” and handed back the expensive hearing aids he had loaned me for testing. He did not seem bothered. Nor has he in previous, similar conversations. Rob Donnan had adjusted my existing aids (giving me […]

Phonak Audeo V30 review – Life Changing!

Cleckheaton – Phonak V30 10 I was very nervous about coming to the Hearing Centre but I needn’t have worried. Rob and the staff here are brilliant, they really put me at ease. Now I have perfect hearing tiny hearing aids and I couldn’t be happier. Im finally […]

Phonak B50-R review

Phonak B50-R Over the last couple of years my wife and I had realised we were not hearing as well as we should. Because I had seen other people with hearing aids apparently struggling with them, I did not want to spend a lot of money and find […]

3 trials before a decision

   Ruth Haley, 6 / 1 / 18 “Losing your hearing isolates you. Makes you unable to join in and makes you feel vulnerable. On top of which amazingly some people find it a reason to put you down “turn up your hearing aids love” etc . . […]

Another wonderful review about trial of OTICON OPN

“I made an appointment at RJ Donnan Hearing Care as I was interested in better quality hearing aids. After my assessment, Rob recommended two different makes of hearing aids which he allowed me to trial at home for a week each time. Rob is a pretty amazing guy, […]

What do hearing aids look like? – on actual wearers

New Special Edition Opn   Phonak Audeo RIC RIC with power receiver wire   Good IIC fitting

Auditory Deprivation – A good reason not to avoid hearing aids (R J Donnan Hearing Care)

Some important points to consider  Untreated hearing loss has far-reaching consequences  in  psychosocial,  emotional,  physical,  cognitive, and behavioral domains of one’s life. World Health Organization estimates indicate that hearing loss is the second leading cause  of years lived with a disability at a global level. In order to […]

Causes of Hearing Loss (by Robert Donnan, York Hearing Practice)

Ear wax (or Cerumen) Is the most common cause of sudden mechanical hearing loss (‘conductive hearing loss’ being commonly a blockage in the outer or middle ear or a fault in the middle ear causing loss of sound transmission). Ear wax is an accumulation of secretions from secreting glands […]