Another great phone to use with PHONAK AUDEO B-Direct

The Sony Xperia XA1 can be found on the internet for under £150. It will work great with our new hearing aid and it has a 23 megapixel camera for those of you looking for that type of thing!

A CIC hearing aid fitted with a CANAL LOCK

Sometimes jaw movement forces a CIC hearing aid out of the ear canal. The fitting of a custom canal lock can easily fix this issue. Here is how it looks (the clear extension sitting in the bowl of the ear);

Colin demonstrates the Roger Pen in action

Colin is wearing Resound Enzo 2 hearing aids with Starkey silicone ear moulds. With a very profound mixed hearing loss, he was still having difficulties in background noise and if not looking at the other person. He was given a further demonstration and prolonged free trial of the […]

The great IIC swindle

Many adverts are suggesting that potential ‘new users’ of hearing aids will be delighted with new IIC (that is, pop in) discreet hearing aids. This is seldom the case. You can discover the truth through our safe evaluation process. We will make sure you get what’s right for […]

Ear Impression Taking for Hearing Aids, by Robert Donnan

This is an impression of an ear canal ~If your new hearing aid is fitted deep down, partly- or mostly past the second bend, there will be less likelihood of an unpleasant side-effect called OCCLUSION. This manifests itself as a sensation of your own voice sounding (typically) very loud, […]

Oticon Opn: Annoying voice prompts?

If you keep hearing a male voice ‘general’ and you’d like to remove it, here’s how: On your OTICON ON APP, Press the home button (the one at the bottom, with 9 magenta squares in a grid Click on the THREE DOTS icon Scroll down to VOICE PROMPTS […]

Reply to a patient asking about possible health risks from hearing aid use radiation:

Hearing aids in normal operating mode emit around 0.0000025 watts, whereas a typical mobile phone power output is 1 watt. i.e. a hearing aid emits approx. FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND times less heat / EMF than a mobile phone. The relative amount of RF energy absorbed in the head […]