What do hearing aids look like? – on actual wearers

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Ear Impression Taking for Hearing Aids, by Robert Donnan

This is an impression of an ear canal ~If your new hearing aid is fitted deep down, partly- or mostly past the second bend, there will be less likelihood of an unpleasant side-effect called OCCLUSION. This manifests itself as a sensation of your own voice sounding (typically) very loud, […]

A Hearing Consultation: What Happens? (R J Donnan, Cleckheaton)

A hearing “test” actually includes several tests that measure how well you hear  a variety  of  sounds  such as tones and  speech.  Hearing tests are  conducted by government  controlled  practitioners  (Registered Hearing  Aid Dispensers)  in special  sound  booths or extremely  quiet  rooms.  Generally,  hearing  tests  result in  one of […]

Auditory Deprivation – A good reason not to avoid hearing aids (R J Donnan Hearing Care)

Some important points to consider  Untreated hearing loss has far-reaching consequences  in  psychosocial,  emotional,  physical,  cognitive, and behavioral domains of one’s life. World Health Organization estimates indicate that hearing loss is the second leading cause  of years lived with a disability at a global level. In order to […]

Causes of Hearing Loss (by Robert Donnan, York Hearing Practice)

Ear wax (or Cerumen) Is the most common cause of sudden mechanical hearing loss (‘conductive hearing loss’ being commonly a blockage in the outer or middle ear or a fault in the middle ear causing loss of sound transmission). Ear wax is an accumulation of secretions from secreting glands […]

Hearing aid styles (By R J Donnan, Oswaldtwistle)

Hearing  instruments  come in  a  variety of sizes, from tiny, invisible-in-the-canal  models to those which sit behind the ear. The right hearing instrument style and size  depends  on   several factors, including: degree of hearing loss, listening requirements, ear  shape and size, the ability to handle and control instruments […]

Signs of hearing loss (by R J Donnan Hearing Care, Yorkshire)

Our ability to hear  defines  who  we are  and  how we communicate. When everything works as it should, our sense  of  hearing has the power to inform, entertain  and connect  us  with family and friends. As we grow older, many people begin to  experience hearing loss. This is […]

How We Hear (by R J Donnan, Bawtry Hearing Centre)

Sound enters the ear canal as a pressure wave of varying frequency (pitch) and amplitude (volume). These pressure waves pass down the ear canal and beat on the eardrum causing it to vibrate. The external ear canal and the Pinna form the ‘outer ear’. The cavity behind the […]