A warning to the curious: These old hearing aids sound better to the user than many of the latest models! (PHONAK V90, SIEMENS BINAX, STARKEY Z, WIDEX UNIQUE, OTICON ALTA2 PRO)

TO PROVE THAT AN INDIVIDUAL’S RESPONSE TO ANY GIVEN HEARING AIDS IS THE MAIN FACTOR¬†DETERMINING¬†LIKELY SUCCESS: in the last year, this patient has tried just about everything on the market! So the most expensive, latest-technology hearing aids still sound less acceptable than this tatty old pair of inexpensive […]

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Phonak Hearing Aids – Retention Sports Locks moving out of place on Venture V Audeo hearing aids (York branch)

The hearing aid on the right has a standard receiver wire with NO sports lock fitted. The dome has also been removed to reveal the CERUSTOP wax guard on the tip. The aid on the left is fitted with a POWER receiver wire (notice the difference in size […]