Hearing aid users: sustained use of gadgets (remote controls, apps, smartphone, watch, compilot, mypilot, unite, surflink, etc)

Another interesting analysis of our hearing aid users: I am of the view that remote controls etc. do fall into disuse eventually… Gadgets and apps do seem useful and appealing to new users, and I can see great merit in the first few months as you attempt to get used […]

Why buy top-of-the-range hearing aids? – when most modern aids (from PHONAK WIDEX RESOUND STARKEY SIEMENS UNITRON and OTICON) are so good?

In an analysis of our new patients over the preceding 5 years, some interesting statistics were uncovered: We got these figures from a random sample of 100 of our patients who visit us for regular check-ups, i.e. motivated and happy hearing aid users…. TOTAL OF HEARING AID USERS […]

Hearing aid demonstrations giving false expectations?

In my opinion, a demonstration given of any given MAKE and MODEL (say a Widex Unique 440) in the form of a RIC …. is NOT VALID as a demonstration of a CIC of that same make and model. Ok, they are both Widex (in this example), and […]

Consider you spectacles when you wear hearing aids (Barnsley man shows how it’s done!)

It’s important that you RIC hearing aids fit on your ear well and don’t clash with your specs. This chap shows how it’s done! Model shown: PHONAK AUDEO S SMART III, just fitted with new receiver wires after 3.5 years. We didn’t charge for this (High Street equivalent […]

New patient presents a common problem: Working age male acknowledges hearing loss and wants a pair of pop in invisible (IIC or CIC) hearing aids….

This scenario occurs in our practice approx. twice a week… It’s wonderful that younger men (40s to early 60s) are recognising hearing loss earlier AND enquiring about it sooner… However, most of these prospective patients are expecting (perhaps understandably) quick results and an invisible solution. Unfortunately this is seldom possible, […]

Adjusting your TV sound settings to work better with most hearing aids…. (posted from our Bradford Practice)

This works for almost all hearing aids and hearing aid wearers alike…                                  Press the MENU button on your TV remote. Depending on the make and model (the one shown is a 2 […]

Existing hearing aid patient gets to trial the PHONAK V30, the V50 AND the V90! All in the size 10 battery Audeo shell… Here’s what happened: in Bradford, Yorkshire

We have a chap who already owns a pair of PHONAK AUDEO S MINI IIIs. Until recently he wore these for busy social outings only. Realising that his hearing was worsening over time, he began to wear the aids he has, more often. I suggested he tried a […]

If you have a hearing loss…Have you explored the possibility of getting a DISABLED PERSONS RAIL CARD? – particularly in the West Yorkshire area…

Here’s the link: http://www.disabledpersons-railcard.co.uk/ I just wondered if there’s anybody out there who has managed to get one on the grounds of a hearing loss – and what was the level of severity? Posted by Robert Donnan