“I’m deaf. Now what?” By Simon Schofield – An insight into the new Phonak Audeo CROS II hearing aid system (Leeds, West Yorkshire)

“I finally faced up to my problem one summer evening, strolling up the road on the way for a drink with my teenage daughter. She was on my right hand side – and chatting away. I could hardly hear a word she was saying. In hindsight, all the […]

New patient in Leeds moves from ugly hearing aid to a little better? the new PHONAK VIRTO VENTURE V30

This is what my new patient was wearing (completely out-of-date, 2007 from a large optician-based retailer) This is what he left with, WITHOUT PAYING A PENNY These PHONAK VIRTO V30s transmit from ear-to-ear – they are relatively inexpensive and give a great result for most in background noise…. […]

What colour do I choose for my new PHONAK AUDEO VENTURE HEARING AIDS?

by www.rjdhearingcare.co.uk It’s a difficult decision? This chap chose to get a pair that matched his specs…. Well, in my experience you should relax about the whole thing. It is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that people in our peer groups (40+) will even spot them. You can take the line of […]

Hearing aid repairs at home. We stock many parts that could save you a lot of money on a costly repair….

It is now possible to buy these hearing aid parts separately: The first picture shows a sports lock or retention lock. This fits on the collar of  of the ‘wire’ used on RIC hearing aids. This part will change colour / become brittle / misshapen / break / become loose […]

Double trial of Phonak Virto CIC V90 vs. Phonak Audeo V90 10 conducted this week in Bradford, West Yorks.

A patient has been fortunate enough to take away both of these models together and try them at home and work…. The decision went in favour of the Audeo (the RIC, or the thin wire type that fits over the ear). Here are some of the trial findings […]

Starkey acrylic ear moulds are superior to others we have tried. This example is fitted to the PHONAK BOLERO V50 SP (Leeds, West Yorks)

This is a FULL SHELL MOULD with a reduced helix ( note the shortening of the bit at the top). This modification helps the user insert the ear mould better. The ear mould is finished very well and it has a matte type finish, not as ‘rough’ as […]

How to measure your ear for hearing aid THIN TUBES & RECEIVER WIRES – order the correct size with this guide.

If you do not know the size you need, OR you suspect you may have the wrong size, measure your ear from the centre of the ear canal entrance, up to the top of the ear where it joins the head, as in this picture.  Email this measurement […]

Care of hearing aid ear moulds by Robert Donnan in West Yorkshire (recommended BTEs right now: PHONAK BOLERO, OTICON DYNAMIC)

A potentially good hearing aid can be completely ruined by a badly maintained ear mould. Likewise, a so-so hearing aid can be made to sound quite good with a well fitted mould…. We are www.rjdhearingcare.co.uk – visit us soon…