Completely genuine price comparison.

So, we had a conversation today with a resident living in Douglas. She reports the following, which we confirmed… Price for the Oticon Opn 1 IIC from iom hearing solutions in Onchan: £6798 (last week) Our price, on the island, £3490. That’s a £3000 saving, just by being […]

Oticon Opn S

The Opn is the most advanced hearing aid in the world with a processing speed of 1.2 billion bytes p/s. We can send you an informative brochure about this hearing aid (call us on 0800 612 7 812). The Opn S 1 will cost around £3590 a pair […]

Resound Linx Quattro 961

This incredible new processor is now only £2795 per pair at Specsavers, Isle of Man.

Phonak Marvel reduced in price

The Phonak Marvel is an incredibly clever hearing aid capable of accepting calls on the ear and of remote programming: It also features a lithium-ion rechargeable version. These are available for £2795 a pair with 4 year warranty from Specsavers right now.

What do private hearing aids cost?

Well, no matter how good the service is, it’s around £3000 for the best and latest hearing aids available right now. This is assuming you’ve found yourself a lovely provider who can be trusted to see you regularly for years to come. So, we are talking about (correct […]

New Starkey Livio AI launches shortly

  Livio AI The first-ever hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence will be available soon from our audiologists for under £3000 To hear comfortably in challenging environments Hearing Reality™ is effective in even the noisiest environments, comfortable in loud settings and quiet in quiet settings, […]

Ear wax micro-suction service on the Isle of Man

Tim and Rachel of offer this safe, effective method of ear wax removal. CALL them now to book an appointment: 01624 830722